Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions provide value for an enterprise not just by leveraged technology but also by helping drive business - through best of breed business processes, facilitating staged deployment across global operations to maximize benefits and helps manage risk. Enterprise Solution today encompass vertical industry specific processes as part of their built-in functionality. As enterprises have similar departments and systems in common, enterprise software is often available as a suite of customizable programs. The complexity of these tools requires specialist capabilities and specific knowledge and Silverlinc offers Enterprise Solutions in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics andGoogle.They are key enablers helping enterprises convert opportunities to their enterprise's advantage - quickly, seamlessly and by operating within regulatory and compliance boundaries. Some key tenets of an Enterprise Solution today include :

  • Implementing end to end business processes with embedded vertical industry practices leveraging collaborative technologies that are helping connect easily with other business solutions.
  • Providing options to deploy solution on shared and hosted models as a service leveraging Cloud Computing technology.
  • Enabling integration with mobile and filed applications including PDAs, smart phones etc
  • Embedding use of pre-built business Analytics for decision support and providing ease in deployment of solution in a staged or global integrated mode .
Key Services

Silverlincs' Enterprise Solutions enables organizations to improve agility and operational efficiency to transform businesses in leveraging emerging opportunities and market changes quickly. From consulting to transformation services, we optimize technology and business processes to enable your business to move into the next phase of growth.


We are one of global Platinum Partners, with specializations in 10+ Oracle applications, including Siebel, PeopleSoft, Hyperion and JD Edwards suites.


We pioneered the template based solutions with specialisation in micro-verticals focused on quicker rollouts, faster implementations with risk free with modular building blocks that gives incremental business benefits assuring scalability in line with business growth

Microsoft Dynamics

We help teams to be more productive with focus on customization of software.


We offer secure, productive and cost effective IT support systems by leveraging next generation technology solutions for business in India.