Program Management and Assurance

Investments in new technology, projects and programs need timely implementation as per the Business Case to ensure realisation of ROI. Organizations also look for assurance on its IT spend to run the business. According to an estimate more than 60% of the IT spend is to run the business only. Be it a new project or a maintaining estate, it is important to manage it cost effective way with the help of decision enablers i.e. tools, techniques and dashboards which will help in providing inputs to stakeholders. These necessitate strong program management, Governance framework coupled with PMO and Assurance services.

Silverlinc Consulting offers value adding services on Program management, PMO and Assurance services. Program management and PMO services ensure the programs are executed appropriately without any delay or compromise with quality and business case. Silverlinc Program Managers are skilled in multiple domains and technologies as well who are well versed with complex technology landscape as well to take part in critical decision making. Assurance service is offered to the organizations who have large complex portfolios of projects and multiple SI Partners which may lead to inadequate control and lacks in decision making.