Petroleum Supply Chain Solutions

SILVERLINC specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading quality assurance programs. As the needs of our diverse customer base keeps evolving, SILVERLINC continues to grow. Our supply network utilizes major refineries, pipelines, railcars and terminals to support ever-changing fuel requirements.

Optimize your petroleum supply chain with integrated refinery planning and scheduling and standardized platforms for primary and second distribution networks. SILVERLINC Petroleum Supply Chain helps you optimize feedstock, respond quickly to disruptions, capitalize on trading opportunities, and optimize inventory and transportation assets. Find out how you can maximize profitability and drive improvements across your entire petroleum supply chain.

workflow Provide integrate workflow with unprecedented results. With SILVERLINC Planning & Scheduling, integrated workflows, easier searching, and quicker feedstock evaluation all add up to driving more profitability for your refinery.

workflowAlign inventory and distribution with market demand. Maximize profitability with SILVERLINC Supply & Distribution, which provides a comprehensive enterprise solution for optimizing the petroleum supply chain.

workflowImprove forecast accuracy. Augment your statistical forecast with real-time collaborative data using Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager. Improvements in forecast accuracy lead to Learn More

workflowOptimize economics of supply distribution network. Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner is a powerful economic tool that solves multi-period transport optimization problems related to allocating resources, helping you balance them to maximize profitability.

workflowAccurately predict properties for better crude purchase decisions. Patent-pending molecular characterization in Aspen PIMS helps planners more accurately characterize crudes for enhanced property prediction, yielding better crude purchase decisions.

workflowOptimize decisions to make, trade, or exchange crude or deliverables. Accurately and effectivley manage hour-to-hour, day-to-day operational activities while conducting thorough analysis with Aspen Inventory Mangement and Operations Scheduling (IMOS).


Procurement is a critical and central part of the supply chain. Our Procurement team oversees the sourcing of materials and services to customers around the globe.

We evaluate our vendors continuously and enforce the highest compliance and quality standards in order to ensure that the products and services we provide meet and exceed client requirements. Our transparent, competitive tender process fosters long-term business partnerships with our vendors, while also ensuring that our clients receive the best total cost of ownership solution.

Our network of vendors includes both international and local partners, and we are willing and able to support and develop new vendors to meet changing requirements. We apply process optimization and best practice tools and methods across the global supply chain to create total solutions in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Procurement Specializations Include:

  • Food: ambient, chilled and frozen
  • Technical Supplies: technical products and services with various levels of complexity
  • Indirect: security, IT, communications, professional services , office supplies clothing,and retail.
  • Fuel: petroleum fuels and fuel additives

Our Global Supply Chain Benefits Include:

  • Price advantages due to economies-of-scale in high-volume procurement and close vendor cooperation
  • Access to extensive well defined product catalogs
  • Well performing global vendor base
  • E-procurement and e-bidding tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Proven experience sourcing in remote and challenging regions
  • Existing air and ground transportation services as well as storage and cross docking facilities
  • Effective management of customer relations to ensure optimization of the end-to-end procurement and supply chain solutions

Our advanced procurement capabilities empower our clients in accomplishing complex missions on a daily basis across the globe.


The Backbone of the Supply Chain

The success of the global supply chain depends upon goods and services arriving at a given destination rapidly and efficiently. In the challenging regions where we operate, travelling from point A to point B isn't always a straight line. Often, a single delivery to a remote outpost can easily involve trucks, aircraft and marine vessels. Border activity and climate factors can cause frequent or sudden changes to established delivery routes. We manage all complex transportation challenges with confidence. We develop highly process-driven but flexible scheduling and dispatch processes to support our clients' missions. We have the operational, safety and maintenance systems in place to make sure this is achieved safely and efficiently.

Silverlinc Group offers expertise in both Aviation and Ground Transportation Services